2018: Age Group Category

New for 2018, Spartan is introducing the Age Group Category (the Age Group Category will replace the Competitive Category seen prior to 2018). 

There will be six Age Group categories, for both male and female competitors:

  1. 14-17  ※There is no 14-17 years old group in Japan. 
  2. 18-24
  3. 25-29
  4. 30-39
  5. 40-49
  6. 50+

People aged 18 and over 18 on race day can participate the race(Sprint/Super/Beast) in Japan. Please be noted that there is no 14-17 years old group in Japan.

Participants that register for the Age Group category will be assigned a start time based on their AGE GROUP and gender - regardless of whether that participant is part of a team. Team members are NOT placed together in the Age Group category, unless they are in the same age group range. 

Top 3 Male and Female Age Group winners at every event will win an award medal.

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